Smart Homes Components

Smart Components of the Digital Home

We strive to provide the best smart home solutions for controlling lighting, air conditioners, electric curtains, TV control, energy savings, sensors, weather stations, access control for doors, and alarm systems through a single system and at low prices.

Privacy is one of our priorities, as each user has their own requirements.

Smart Light Switches

Smart Keys and Switches

To control smart lights, motors, curtains, and other devices.

Smart Curtains

Smart Curtains and Motors

Controlled by a switch, application, or voice commands.

Smart Remote Controller

Smart Remote Control Unit

To control air conditioners, TVs, DVD players, receivers, etc., operated by remote control.

Smart Screens

Smart Control Interfaces

Touchscreen wall panel that includes wall control panels, motion sensors, light intensity sensors, smoke detectors, water leakage detectors, door and window opening control.

Smart SOS

Smart Security and Safety Units

Send visual and audio notifications to the application when activated.

Smart Environment Sensor

Smart Weather Sensor

Sensor for light brightness, temperature, and humidity.

Smart Door Locks

Smart Locks

Unlock/lock doors through a manual key, fingerprint, card, PIN, or mobile application.

Full support for smart voice command platforms

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