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The Digital Homes Services

These services are offered to our customers in full or partially as requested

Designing the Digital Home
  • Designing home internet networks and home IoT networks based on the architectural drawings of homes in two stages including preliminary design then detailed
Home Internet Technologies
  • Implementing home internet networks including wired networks based on 1 gigabit per second speed and Wi-Fi networks based on 1.2 gigabits per second speed
Home Internet of Things (Smart Devices)
  • Home IoT devices to control lighting, air conditioning, TV, control curtains, smoke detection devices, and door access control based on Zigbee 3.0 technology

Cybersecurity for Homes

Maintaining privacy is one of our priorities

Firewall for the Highest Levels of Privacy
  • A high-level security firewall protects the internal home internet to provide maximum privacy for family members' data and control devices
Internal Wi-Fi Network for Family Members
  • A high-security Wi-Fi network for use by the family only to ensure isolation of devices and isolation of images, videos, and streaming from intruders
Wi-Fi Network for Guests and Visitors
  • Wi-Fi service is provided for guests and visitors on a temporary or permanent basis. The guest network will reach the public internet only with its isolation from the home internet and internal devices

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