The Digital Homes

The concept of a digital home is a smart system that brings together smart devices in the home and facilitates their management through an application downloaded to an internet-connected mobile device. This allows the user to control all the functions of these devices.

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  • smart system Control

    Integrated smart control system

    • - Lighting
    • - Air conditioning and television
    • - Curtains
    • - Smart entry
  • smart Phone App

    One application includes

    • - Managing all smart devices
    • - Receiving remote notifications
    • - Customizing patterns such as: morning brightness, noon nap, coming home, and long vacation departure
  • smart WiFi

    Smart Wi-Fi network

    • - Supports Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) systems
    • - Provides full coverage of all parts of the home
    • - Eliminates blind spots in the network
  • smart consistent WiFi

    Stable Wi-Fi network

    • - Solves problems of interruption and freezing in the wireless network
    • - Serves a larger number of users with high speed up to 1.2GB
    • - Modern protocol with an international standard
  • smart voice Control

    Full voice control

    • - Voice commands can be used to control all smart devices

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